Our management team consists of well-rounded individuals who are passionate about hair, with business and machine learning backgrounds. We are also fortunate to be mentored by experienced professionals on our scientific and business advisory panels.


CEO and Founder, BA Law 

Zera, an Oxford law graduate, is an avid language learner, spin cycle enthusiast and food fanatic. Formerly an investment banker, she was appalled by the hair loss brought on by high stress levels and poor nutrition. Since then, she has resolved to creating a solution for others who may be struggling with hair loss. This is rooted in the broader vision of creating a digital wellbeing ecosystem which reveals underlying health conditions based on features such as our hair and skin.


Head of Product, BSc Medicine

Alex is a UCL medical student who has had experience in mental health and dermatology startups, and has garnered awards in hackathons such as the Sensing Health Hackathon. As the former UCL Chapter Lead of the Institute of Healthcare Improvement, he is deeply passionate about the intersection between health and artificial intelligence. Tapping on his medical background, Alex is excited about the potential of Zelta's technology to drive underlying health insights based on externally presenting dermatological conditions.


Machine Learning Engineer, BSc Mechatronics, Robotics and Automation Engineering

Denzel has a strong background in engineering, with broad-based experience both as a product architect and a full-stack engineer. With his interests in machine learning and computer vision, he believes that Zelta's work creates customer value, is technically feasible, easily scalable and forms an interesting technological challenge. 

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